The enshrined deity Onamuchi-no-kami (Okuninushi) and hares have a divine connection, in the myth “Hare of Inaba”, a sinful wounded hare is graced by the great god, and retrieves its health as well as its conscience. Ever since, hares are perceived to be holy beasts bringing good news.
In memory of the “Hare of Inaba” and in wish for visitors to graced widely by the deity’s divine virtues, the statue was installed in 2014 to commemorate the 360th anniversary of the shrine.

After praying at the front shrine, stroke the “hare” while making your wish to let the great infinite god bless you.

A gavel associated to the shrine’s deity Onamuchi-no-kami (commonly known as Daikoku-sama) favoring good luck and better fortune, wishes fulfillment, health and longevity and physical sturdiness. Shake the lucky gavel on your arrival to the shrine!

Good luck gavel (larger gavel)

Shake the gavel and make a wish.

Health and longevity gavel (smaller gavel)

Wish pyhisical sturdiness and health while rubbing the gavel on the parts of you body in concern.

Charms are the great god’s divine spirits altered through purification ceremonies for each wish. Hold it in your purse or wallet and always carry it. Our shrine prepares not only the common charms, charms for traffic safety and charms against accidents, but also charms for health and longevity, match-making and marriage, and safe childbirth being the shrines divinity. Giftings may be found in the shrine office entrance, left of the main shrine. Feel free to stop by.

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