Praying at Yukura Shrine

Praying within Yukura Shrine

Individual prayers

Safety of family Traffic safety Prosperous business
Physical sturdiness Recovery from illness Warding off evil and bringing in good fortune
Shinto wedding Blessed with children Safe childbirth
Rite of passage for the new born Shrine visit by children aged 7, 5 and 3 Reporting admission
Shrine visit by children aged 13 Exorcism and celebration for certain ages Praying for passing exams
Household altar consecration Reporting marriage Others
*Concerning prayers inside the shrine, we endeavor to service one group at a time, with the exception of new year’s season and Setsubun (last day of winter).
*To avoid schedule conflicting, reservations are suggested by calling us beforehand.
*For further information contact our shrine office.
Reservation and Contact, call +81-138-57-8282 (Yukura shrine office)